Our Merry Christmas

Last Sunday we watched the Steelers game at our house and the boys had so much fun running wild with my brother. Uncle Nick is one of Wyatt’s favorite playmates. Every time Nick sat down, Wyatt found a place near him. Wyatt makes the most of our short visits with Nick.

In the evening we went to my parent’s house for annual meatloaf night and I caught my favorite men on the couch together.

We spent most of Christmas Eve day at home. Juliana went to Nonni and G’s house early to “help” with the dinner preparations and the rest of us went over when it was time to eat. After dinner and clean-up it was time for presents. We had a great time together and we were sad to say goodbye to Nick at the end of the evening.

I changed the boys into their Christmas pjs in hopes that they would be sleeping or on their way to sleep when we got home. Of course that didn’t work and they were wound-up and it was late by the time the children were all asleep. Finally I was able to put the presents from mommy and daddy under the tree and then Santa came.

We had 3 very excited children Christmas morning!

Once Wyatt and Ruslan had opened a few presents, they wanted to play. Every once in a while they could be coaxed away to open something new (they eventually opened their remaining presents before bed). Meanwhile Juliana opened all of her presents and ran off to watch her new Barbie movies. There were very few Barbie presents this year – 2 movies and the Barbie Art Teacher – she had been asking for those for months.

After some playtime, Scott took a cranky, overtired Ruslan back to bed for a 2 hour nap and Wyatt and Juliana happily played with their new toys. Then we got ready for dinner. Christmas dinner at home meant the kids could stay in their pjs and continue to play with their toys. My parents and Scott’s parents and a friend of ours joined us for dinner and we had a lovely time. I got to use my Spode china, the adults were able to sit and talk and the kids did their own thing (of course they were welcome to join us if they wanted).

Ruslan visited us at the table at few times.

It was a really great Christmas and I loved spending the day at home with these three.

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