It Can’t Be Worse Than the Shopping Cart He Licked

Sunday afternoon was perfect for playing in the snow. We had several inches of snow, it was sunny and the temperature was just above freezing. So we were able to play outside for a while without getting too cold. Sleds, snow shovels, little shovels and buckets were all used to enjoy the snow. There were snow angels and lots of snow was thrown in the air. Ruslan spent the majority of the time pulling a sled around the yard and adding snow to it with his shovel. And then I looked over to see this:



He was licking the snow off the end of the shovel.

ru-snow5 ru-snow6

Then he realized his glove had a ready supply of snow to eat.

ru-snow7 ru-snow8

Eventually he was shoveling snow just to eat it.

ru-snow9 ru-snow10

Earlier that day I took the boys shopping and at one point I turned around to see Ruslan with his mouth on the shopping cart; the white snow in our front yard can’t be any worse than that.

Sledding and running and enjoying the snow and then we came in for hot cocoa and marshmallows.

sled1 sled2

sled3 sled4

juliana-snow wy-snow


1 comment to It Can’t Be Worse Than the Shopping Cart He Licked

  • Andrea (ajh_rigs)

    Spencer does the SAME THING. (Shovel snow just to eat it…) I have to draw the line at him eating the drifts b/c there’s the (supposedly non-edible) salt from the driveway in those. Otherwise, if it’s clean snow, I say go for it! They’re hydrating! :)