It’s All About the Cars

Like Wyatt, Ruslan also asked for bongo drums for Christmas. He likes drums as well but I was surprised that he kept asking for them. Santa brought him the same drums as Wyatt and although he was happy when he opened them, he set them aside and opened more presents. I steered him toward the presents I knew he really wanted – a play mat, a set of 20 new matchbox cars and a storage case for his cars. When he opened the cars, his face lit up. He stared in amazement at the new cars and gave an enthusiastic thank you. Then he retired to the other side of the living room with his treasures and played…for a long time.


Ruslan loves his cars and plays with them constantly.


His favorite activity is to start with a big pile of cars and drive them one by one to a new location and park them in neat rows.

ru-cars7 ru-cars8

ru-cars9 ru-cars10

And of course he makes driving noises as he pushes them to a parking spot.


Once they are parked he starts over and drives them to a new location.

ru-cars12 ru-cars13

Wyatt also got a set of cars and a storage case for Christmas and Ruslan claimed those as well, and Wyatt uses both sets of bongo drums. Double the Fun.

ru-cars4 ru-cars5

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