My Little Drummer Boy

From the time Wyatt knew he could make Christmas requests this year, he remained consistent – I want Conga Lessons. Occasionally he would add another instrument to the list – I want bongos and a guitar or I want bongos and a trumpet, but always the bongos. Leading up to Christmas everything in our house could be a drum and he was constantly tapping away, especially if there was music playing. At Juliana’s school holiday concert Wyatt was sitting on Scott’s shoulders and he started drumming along to the beat on the most accessible place – Scott’s head.

Wyatt was not disappointed on Christmas. He received a guitar on Christmas Eve.


And on Christmas Santa brought the bongos. He also received a toy guitar that plays songs and a set of percussion instruments. Sometimes he walks around with the guitar, pushes a button to play music and then plays the maracas as accompaniment.


The toy guitar is most often used as background music for his drumming. The headphones are not connected to anything, they are simply part of his set-up.

He usually keeps all of the drums in a semi-circle so he can play them all easily. Toy pans and trucks become cymbals. He has a set of real drum sticks now as well – he loves all of his musical instruments even early in the morning – most mornings he comes downstairs and plays his drums before we leave the house.



One of the friends we visited over the holidays has a music room and after dinner John played on the baby grand piano and Wyatt played the bongos. The first song had a slower beat and the second song was much faster. The happiness is contagious, I love watching Wyatt play the drums.

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