Our Family Photo Shoot

We used to take a family picture on our wedding anniversary each year – nothing formal, usually in the front yard, tripod and timer. Here are the first five years. A picture in the front yard sounds so simple, but it was always complicated – everyone at home, matching clothes or random, contain the running children, etc. Last year my friend Michelle took pictures of the kids for our Christmas card, but Scott wasn’t able to join us so no family photo.

This year I really wanted a new family picture and we made plans in the spring and then had to cancel and then the summer went flying past and suddenly it was November. We had beautiful weather in November and when I saw 70 and sunny in the forecast I knew it was too good to pass up. Fortunately Michelle was able to squeeze us in on short notice. After 30 minutes of wild children (especially Ruslan who never stopped moving), I didn’t have high expectations so I was thrilled with the results. All pictures taken by Michelle Hammons Photography.


These are two of my favorite pictures of the three of them together. This is as close to posed as you get with them.


I see a glimpse of teen aged Juliana in some of these pictures.


And these two give you an idea of what really happened during our photo shoot – lots of running, playing with sticks and little interest in following any directions.


It was a wild time and I am so happy to have these pictures. Hopefully a few end up on the wall sometime soon.

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