Sledding Practice

The past week in Pittsburgh was a snowy one. Last Wednesday we got 5 inches of snow followed by another 5 inches on Saturday. I didn’t mind the snow, because it didn’t interfere with any plans and didn’t affect school since we were on Christmas break. Last year we didn’t have a single school delay or closure for snow, based on the past week, I doubt we will be that lucky this year.

Saturday we had a few other things going on so we didn’t make it outside. Sunday I tackled the arduous process of dressing 3 kids to go outside and play…and hoped that they would stay there once we were outside.

Ruslan was immediately unhappy about his gloves and took them off. Of course cold, wet hands were no better. New gloves fixed everything and he happily shoveled piles of snow in the yard.



Juliana loves the snow; she is happy just to roll around in it, run and kick and throw it in the air.

Wyatt took his standard analytical approach and watched his brother and sister from the sidewalk for a while before joining them in the snow.

Then he asked about the sleds, or he said “where is my skateboard”. Our front yard has enough slope for some slow sledding practice.

Wyatt was quickly in love with sledding and laughed and had a great time.


Ruslan tried sledding and enjoyed it but soon went back to shoveling and eating snow.


It was getting dark when I finally convinced them to go inside, but only with the promise of warm chocolate milk.


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