Disney, Dancing, Dragons and Drama

I will start out with the drama for those of you looking for an update on Scott. Scott was in a car accident last weekend and has a concussion. He hasn’t been able to drive or work since then and has spent most of the past week resting is a dark room. He is improving very slowly, but he is very tired and has a constant headache. Juliana has been very concerned about Scott (although not concerned enough to talk quietly and stop running around the house), so she gave him her back-up special blanket to use. She checks to make sure that he has it when he is resting.



My mom and I took Juliana, Ruslan and Wyatt to Disney on Ice last Saturday. I decided it was a good opportunity for the boys to wear their Christmas sweaters and matching hats again.


We arrived at Console early and we waited in line outside. The boys weren’t sure what to expect, but they were excited because some of the friends had been talking about it at school.

weekend2 weekend1

Our first stop was donuts and then we settled into our seats. Wyatt immediately asked where the Penguins were…Console plus ice usually equals hockey.


Juliana quickly made friends with the girl sitting next to her. When the show started Ruslan was amazed and sat up straight with his mouth open. Wyatt was less thrilled with the show and at several points got very agitated while sitting on my lap. We even went for a walk during part of the show.

weekend4 weekend6

During intermission the boys happily watched the Zamboni; it was one of Wyatt’s favorite parts of the event. Then people started to return to their seats and Ruslan loudly announced “When the lights go out, it’s SHOW TIME!”


weekend7 weekend8

If your child comes home from a show with light-up fairy wings, expect to be woken up like this the next morning.



When you live in a house with a girly girl, you should always be prepared for a spontaneous recital.

weekend14 weekend13



This is what happens when Mommy is trying to fold laundry while there are children in the house.

weekend9 weekend10


We bought 2 dragons and an ogre at Christmas to go with the Imaginext Castle. Sometimes the dragons get tired of attacking the castle knights and leave the playroom to attack humans. And sometimes they are caught in a trap…see also – stolen laundry basket.

weekend21 weekend22



File under – it is never too cold for children to play outside – especially when they are wild and someone in the house is recovering from a concussion.

weekend20 weekend19


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  • Sarah

    Just when I think my life is exciting… omg! I hope Scott is doing OK – must catch up. Loved the Disney comments but the best is the light up fairy wings. I think we both need our own pair :)

    Hugs to you!