Finally a Doll That She Loves

Juliana was a tiny baby when Bitty Baby arrived for her first Christmas. As a toddler, Juliana would occasionally carry Bitty around and play with her accessories. But usually after a week of play, she would forget all about her for months.

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The Bitty Twins arrived for Juliana’s 3rd birthday when I was pregnant with the boys. There was a boy and a girl and she named them Missy Missy Rose (yes, Missy x2) and Mikey. Once she named them she played with Missy Missy Rose and discarded Mikey – “we don’t need any boy babies in our house” she would tell me whenever I asked about Mikey. Missy Missy Rose slept in a soft bed and Mikey slept on the floor. She quickly grew tired of these dolls as well.

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She asked for an American Girl doll for Christmas and it was the only thing she really seemed to want. So we bought Caroline for her. {Caroline is one of the historical dolls and she lived during the war of 1812.} We bought the doll and some outfits and my mom purchased a bunch of outfits as well so Caroline had lots of options.

Juliana was thrilled when she opened her on Christmas morning. She took Caroline up to her room that night, changed her into her nightgown and tucked her into her bed. That didn’t last long, because she needed Caroline to sleep with her instead.

caroline caroline2

Since Christmas Caroline has been on sleepovers and gone for rides and routinely comes downstairs and is carried around the house. Juliana finally has a doll that she loves.

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