Ruslan Goes to Preschool Now

Every morning at drop-off for weeks, I would hear those words in the school hallway. One of the toddlers from Ruslan’s former class tugging on their parent’s arm to get their attention, pointing and saying “Ruslan goes to preschool now!”

Ruslan started preschool on January 22nd and he was so excited to finally move up. The first two days included 2-hour delays so it wasn’t the best introduction for him – but he adjusted great and loves it.

There was a field trip to the Science Center his second week of preschool and he got to ride a school bus for the first time – Exciting! Since it was his first time being in a vehicle without a car seat I explained that he needed to stay on his bum on his seat. When I picked him up he told me that he sat on his bum and the bus was bumpy. Then he said that he didn’t take a nap and then seemed surprised by his own statement – why didn’t we take a nap today?

I had a parent-teacher conference with his teacher a few weeks ago and learned that he is doing great in preschool! He quickly learned the routine and was excited to be back with some of his old friends and also made new ones with no trouble. Since starting preschool I’ve seen improvements in his ability to do quiet tasks – puzzles, coloring, etc. That is reassuring given his general behavior of always being in motion.

Ruslan could have started preschool a month or two earlier, but I waited until after the Christmas break to make the move. I had hoped that Wyatt would be ready to start preschool by then. The first day that I dropped off Wyatt without Ruslan was awful. We were both crying and I felt like I was punishing Wyatt by leaving him behind and taking his brother away from him. For the first time in their lives they were separated for the majority of the day. Drop-off became a struggle and our mornings have been a challenge. Each of them wants to be the second one dropped off every day. Drop-offs that previously took 5 minutes sometimes take 20 minutes now. I am looking forward to them being back in the same room together (soon).

Of course there are first day of preschool pictures and they are typical Ruslan – making a face, moving, and looking away from the camera.


 ru-preschool1 ru-preschool2

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