If You Make a Construction Cake

I had all sorts of ideas for the boys’ birthday cake and I finally decided on a construction themed cake. I found mini construction vehicles and had plans to destroy a perfectly good chocolate cake. I made a basic cake, ripped a crater in half of it, and frosted the rest. Then I positioned the vehicles and filled the dump truck with chunks of cake. Here is the final product.


The boys were very excited when they saw the cake. They waited patiently while we sang Happy Birthday.


As soon as the candles were removed, two little hands inched close to the cake.

cake3b cake3a

It wasn’t long before the trucks were being used to dig more holes in the cake and the boys were scooping up handfuls of cake.

cake4 cake5



And then they ate cake out of the trucks.

cake9 cake8

If you make a construction cake…little boys will trash it and have so much fun in the process.


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