Random Ruslan and Wyatt

Both boys talk so much now. They have a lot to tell me and each other and they have started imagination play where their stuffed animals talk to each other – there is a constant stream of words flowing at our house.

It is a lot of fun to watch them and I love listening to them talk to each other in the backseat. Except when the chatter sounds something like this (which happens often).

Ruslan: I saw a big truck.
Wyatt: I saw the big truck too.
Ruslan: No you didn’t. It was on my side. Only I saw it.
Wyatt: I DID SEE IT!!
Ruslan: NO you didn’t. Only me.
Wyatt: I DID!!
Ruslan: NO YOU DIDN’T.

They also like to comment on my driving. “Mommy, pass that car!” “Pass that motorcycle!” “Yay, Mommy drives FAST!!!” This is followed by cheering and applause. I tried to explain that I am only passing the slow cars…


I heard the bathroom door open and close while I was in the shower one morning.
Me: Who is in Mommy’s bathroom?
Quiet, little voice: me
Me: What is your name me?
*giggle, giggle, giggle* Wyatt

When I got out of the shower he pointed at my nipples and asked what they were followed by: “Are those hot? Will they burn me?”


Ruslan: I want more Orange juice please.
Me: The orange juice is gone.
Ruslan: Mommy! We talked about this!


I walked into the playroom to find Ruslan standing against the wall.
Me: What are you doing Ruslan?
Ruslan: Not pooping in my underwear.
He wasn’t, but I think he wanted to.


At the store
Wyatt: Mommy, get those, buy those!
Me: No, they have too much sugar.


I heard a little boy coming down the stairs one morning.
Me: Who is that little boy coming down the stairs?
Ruslan: It’s me, Ruslan.
Me: Is Wyatt awake?
Ruslan: Yes. I talked to him. All he said was “blah, blah, blah”.


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