Wyatt’s First Day of Preschool

Tuesday was Wyatt’s first day of preschool! Last week and over the weekend people kept asking him if he was excited about starting preschool. He would nod his head but in typical Wyatt fashion there was no great enthusiasm.

Tuesday morning he didn’t kick and scream when it was time to get dressed and he willingly put on his shoes and coat (a nice change from me pinning him down to get shoes on to leave the house). He was excited to put on his backpack and we headed down to the garage. I wanted to take a few quick pictures before we left, but Wyatt usually refuses to look at the camera. This is the point when I knew he was really excited. I asked him to stand and smile and look at me and he did. He was so happy!



When we pulled into the parking lot, he pointed at the windows of the toddler room and said, “I’m not going in that room today?” I told him he was not and I would take him to the 3-yr preschool room with Ruslan. He ran to the door and down the hall to the preschool room. We put his things in his new cubby and he was so excited! My boys held hands and were so happy to be back together in the same room.



We went to their classroom and the two of them ran off to play, neither one turned around to say good-bye. I can’t describe how happy I was when I left that day. My heart was full seeing them back together and I left the building with a smile on my face. Wyatt had a great first day!

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