Get Your Corn Dog Stick Out of Your Sister’s Ear!

Ah, Mother’s Day. The children are pleasant and spend the day with their father while the mother sleeps in, goes to brunch with friends, and has a relaxing day. Oh…that’s just folklore?

Don’t get me wrong, Mother’s Day did not go unrecognized. The children brought home projects and cards from school and Scott sent lovely flowers to me! Sunday morning the kids helped Scott make waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Yummy! Ruslan was so pleased with himself that he had helped make breakfast for me, although all he ate was the whipped cream.

md-breakfast2 md-breakfast

Most of the weekend was filled with normal activities. The kids were up early each morning (6:45 Saturday and 6:30 Sunday). Saturday morning Scott took Juliana to her soccer game and then they spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon together. While Scott was on soccer duty, I was taking the boys to a birthday party.

The boys had two hours of wild climbing and jumping and running. They hit the climbing wall early and often. At one point one of the other mothers commented on how quickly Ruslan could climb the wall and I responded – yes, that’s why we had to install bars over his bedroom windows. She wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

wall1 wall2



climbingThey had a great time and I love this picture!



My brother came to town to visit my mom for Mother’s Day and he and my parents were waiting at my house when we returned from the party. The boys and Juliana absolutely love their Uncle Nick and they hadn’t seen him since Christmas. They played with a matchbox car track for a while.

nick-cars1 nick-cars2

Then they moved on to Legos and Nick built a tower higher than the boys – I’m not sure if it was more exciting when they were building it or when it crashed to the floor.

nick-blocks1 nick-blocks2



Then it was Juliana’s turn and she and Nick played a bunch of board games and munched on dry cereal together. They were all sad when it was time for Nick to leave.


Wyatt has been waking Ruslan up early the past few days and Ru was suffering today. By noon on Sunday everything was a meltdown and it was clear he needed to nap. He doesn’t typically nap anymore, but he didn’t fight it. He even asked for footie pjs and for me to rock him.


While Ruslan slept, Wyatt and I hung out in the playroom together and then I snuggled a sleepy Ruslan when his nap was over. And then the boys had some quiet time together (Wyatt insisted on footie pjs when he saw Ruslan).

md=wyatt-snuggles md-ruslan-snuggles


Juliana was great all day. Anytime I did something for her she responded with “You are the Best Mom!”. Ruslan spent the second part of the day bothering Juliana – hitting, taking things from her, etc. Things I said to him: “Stop wiping your hands on Juliana’s pants!”, “Don’t kick her!”, “Take your corn dog stick out of your sister’s ear!!!” You get the idea.

I usually have a glass of wine once they are in bed for the night. Yesterday I had to break out the wine while they were eating dinner to survive the final hours. It’s a good thing they are so cute!





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