I Didn’t Expect the Flirting to Start So Early

After First Grade poetry night, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. We ordered and Juliana turned around to one of her classmates and asked if she could please, please, please eat her ice cream with Donnie (name changed). While I waited off to the side for our ice cream she stood with Donnie and chatted while he and his mom ordered. girly1

Then we all went outside to enjoy our ice cream. The two of them never stopped talking and laughing. At one point he said something funny and Juliana threw her head back, flipped her hair, laughed and said “Oh Donnie, you are so funny!” I was surprised to see Juliana flirting. The giggling and conversation continued until his mom and I announced that it was time to go. Donnie invited Juliana to come home with them and enticed her with the Power Rangers that he has at his house. In the end we headed home and she chatted about how much it was to have ice cream with Donnie. She is always excited when we run into a friend while we are out.


During the spring soccer season Juliana started hanging out with one of the boys on her team. If we arrived at the same time, she would hop out of the car yelling, “I’m going to walk to the field with Jordan!” (name changed) After the games she started to ask if she could eat her snack with him before we went home. One Saturday morning we were early for the game and when we arrived Jordan was playing by the stream. Juliana joined him and soon they running around and climbing and playing Power Rangers and other games.

The next week she came home from practice with a “scarf” around her neck. She said that Jordan made it. Juliana had told him that she liked it and he gave it to her – she wore it to school for the next few days. He also made a get well card for Scott…


Power Rangers, playing in the woods, someone to run around with…I think that is her main interest, for now.





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