Ruslan and Wyatt 4.0

The boys have had their well visits at the same time since the first appointment when they were 7 days old. 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 months old – 12 well visits together.

Our pediatrician shifted the pre-K appointment to age 4 and it is a double-appointment with vision and hearing screening and the last of those early childhood shots. With all of the extra activity I decided to schedule separate appointments for them this year. No matter the reason they are always happy for some special alone time with Mommy.



Wyatt’s turn was first and I picked him up early so we could go out to dinner. He wasn’t thrilled about the vision test – at first he refused to play along and told the nurse he couldn’t see anything (slight Mommy panic that he really couldn’t see anything from that distance). Then he ran through the whole chart with no issues and he passed the hearing test as well.

When it was time for shots, he sat on my lap and was very brave. He yelled: “Ow, Ow, Hey that HURT!” But he didn’t cry and when we were done, he hopped down and was fine.

park1 park2

Ruslan’s appointment was later in the week and he wasn’t thrilled about going to the Doctors. He breezed through the vision and hearing tests, but when the nurse returned he asked to leave. He yelled, “Don’t poke me with those sharp things!” and he cried and cried. The next day he was still mad about the shots.

I briefly discussed Ruslan’s “high activity level” with the Doctor. He said that we would discuss that again next year. While we were talking about other topics, the Dr. mentioned that Ruslan’s climbing, bouncing, constantly in motion was starting to make him nervous – I must be immune to Ruslan’s normal level of activity because I didn’t even notice. During the exam, he laughed about the bruises on Ruslan’s shins and commented that he worries about the toddlers and preschoolers who don’t come in this time of year with bruises on their shins from running and playing.

Official Stats – Age 4 (age 3)
Ruslan                                                                                        Wyatt
Height – 40.4″ (37″) 54th percentile                              Height – 41.5″ (39.25″) 77th percentile
Weight – 37 lbs (31.5 lbs) 60th percentile                  Weight – 35.25 lbs (31.25 lbs) 45th percentile

I am so happy to have shots over with for a while and I am especially happy that age 3 has come to an end! Maybe it’s in my head, but in the month since their birthday things already seem better.






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