The Artist

If Juliana is sitting still, it’s probably because she is busy with an art project. She keeps a pencil box in her backpack -inside she carries the supplies for her latest art project so she can create on the bus. The pencil box currently holds puppet making supplies – she figured out how to make finger puppets out of post-it notes and she creates custom puppets by request.

In art class at school this trimester they worked on a special display for the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum based on Eric Carle’s books {Carle visited the museum as part of a conference while the art projects were on display}. The first graders created mosaic pictures – here the first grade projects are displayed at the museum with some of the Kindergarten projects (caterpillars) in the middle.

first-grade-art artwork2

Here is the artist with her project – Swan in a Lake. She was excited to see her project on display!artwork1

We brought Wyatt with us to the museum that day and after we visited the art display, they spent several hours playing. Wyatt had fun in the wind tunnel which was the “Changing Exhibits” area.

wyatt-castle w-sand








We explored most of the museum over several hours and we spent the majority of our time in the new Water Play area. Wyatt spent most of the time playing in the water trough – building dams, floating boats, dumping water…he loved every minute. He played in one area for a long time where there was an opening in the trough – he covered and uncovered it, dropped toys through the hole, and watched the water splash on his toes.

w-water1 w-water2







Juliana ran into a friend from school and the two of them had a great time getting soaked. The new area with the “rainfall” was definitely her favorite.







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