When I Grow Up

One day this week the boys came home with an “All About Me” sheet. It was a good rainy day activity – ask the kids questions and record the answers.

Here are some of Ruslan’s comments:

My favorite color: purple and red
My favorite movie: Dora (interesting since he hasn’t asked to watch Dora in quite some time – I would have guessed Handy Manny)
I live with: Mom and Dad and Wyatt and Sister
My friend’s name is: Wyatt (aw, he does love his brother)
My favorite thing to do is: Watch Dora and take a little nap
When I grow up, I want to:  Work with my Dad because I like my Dad a lot!


Here are some of Wyatt’s comments:

My favorite color: I like all of them!
My favorite movie: Little Einsteins
I live with: Mommy, Daddy, G, Nonni, Sister and Ruslan (no, my parent’s don’t really live with us)
My friend’s name is: Finn
When I grow up. I want to be: a Zebra because they are cool. I like zebras. I also want to be a truck driver.

A truck driving zebra – dream big Wyatt!


This is the kind of thing that happens when the boys are up early while I am trying to get some quick work done in the morning. On the plus side, they were quietly entertaining each other and they weren’t fighting.




A few weeks ago when daycare was closed and I was working (I hate missing fun stuff while I am at work), my parents took the boys to ride the ducky boat and wander around near Town Town (this is what the boys call Downtown Pittsburgh). It was a rainy day but they had lots of fun and yes, they drove the ducky boat.






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