Age 7 – The Year of Growing Up

I can’t remember a year since she was a toddler that Juliana changed as much as she has at age 7. She is growing up and maturing and starting to make better choices. I am starting to see glimpses of the person that she will be.


Is she still loud? Yes.
Is she perfectly behaved? She’s still a 7-year old.
She has meltdowns when she is exhausted or hungry, but so do I.

She is becoming more empathetic and more concerned about her brothers. I was sick this weekend and both mornings she played quietly with her brothers so I could sleep for an extra hour. She tells me that she loves me all the time and randomly hugs and kisses me.


The biggest change has been in her self-confidence, she easily talks to other kids and quickly makes friends. We went to see The Little Mermaid at the theatre this weekend (pictured below in her favorite new pose). She sat quietly throughout the first half of the show and when intermission started she immediately turned around and introduced herself to the little girl seated behind us. We quickly learned all about 7-year old Lotus as the two of them compared every piece of their lives. I still remember how painfully shy I still was in second grade and I am so happy that Juliana is able to make friends easily.


Last summer we had challenges at camp drop-off. Some mornings she cried on the way to camp, others she waited until she was signed in and then refused to let go of me. I left her in tears on more than one occasion (knowing that she would be fine once the class started). This summer drop-offs have been a breeze – she knows that she can quickly make friends so she isn’t sad if she doesn’t know anyone right away.


We signed up for one repeat class this summer at Art Camp – Art in Motion. This class combines art, music and dance into a performance at the end of the week (the 3 teachers were also the same this year). As I wrote last summer, when the final performance day arrived, Juliana only participated in part of the program. This year each of her teachers pulled me aside to tell me how much they have enjoyed Juliana this year, how she has changed since last summer, that she was the class leader, and she helped other students learn their parts and direct the overall performance. As she danced in the final performance I watched her complete every step perfectly, smiling the whole time and enjoying every minute.


“Mommy, did you know that you can be beautiful on the outside and very ugly on the inside? I never want to be ugly on the inside.” – Juliana, age 7


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  • Sarah

    Awesome post! I hope she looks back at this in the years to come and know just how much she is loved and the joy she brings to the party. All compliments to her upbringing.