This is Definitely the Best Weekend of My Entire Life

It was only Saturday morning when Juliana uttered those words while eating breakfast; most of the weekend was still ahead at this point. But I have to agree it was a pretty good holiday weekend for her. It is the type of weekend that I hope she remembers – packed with friends and fun!

Thursday the kids went to the local 4th of July parade that they attend each year and that night we went to the fireworks.



Friday was a somewhat normal day with the kids at their summer program while I worked. We picked them up early and Wyatt had a sleep-over with my parents and Juliana and Ruslan went to a party with Scott and me. Juliana swam and ran around, took a quick break to eat, and then ran around some more and got back in the pool. Friends and swimming are two of Juliana’s most favorite things. After hours of fun Juliana was asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the party.


Saturday we spent several hours outside in the pool.


She spent most of the day on Saturday asking how much longer it was, when were they leaving, was it almost time to go?!?!?! And finally it was time. Scott and Juliana left and headed downtown. They stopped to pick up a friend on the way and then went to Heinz Field for the Taylor Swift concert. I’m not sure what part Juliana was more excited about – going to her first concert, seeing Taylor Swift, or having a sleep-over – it was probably the combination of all 3. They arrived home at midnight and the two of them were giggling and happy and I feared they would never sleep. I guess the long day caught up with them because it wasn’t long before they were both asleep.

weekend6 weekend7


Juliana and her friend played throughout the morning and when it was time to end the sleepover fun, Juliana was clearly exhausted. She started to cry and eventually went up to her room to be alone. The rest of the day was filled with tears over every little thing and even she agreed that early bedtime was a good idea. I think she is still catching up on lost sleep; I’ve dragged her out of bed for camp every day this week. It was definitely a jam-packed weekend of fun!


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