Double the Innings, Double the Fun

We finally made plans to take the boys to their first baseball game and arranged to go with a group of friends. The game was long, 16 innings long. It was two innings shy of two full games and there was a 7th innings stretch and a 14th inning stretch. There were also two pierogie races – for several days after the game Ruslan talked about the racing M&Ms.

We arrived early and tried to take pictures of the kids at the Clemente statue, but Wyatt wanted to run in circles around the bat instead.



Then they ran through the big bounce house/obstacle course and had cookies and burned off some energy by running in circles around a tree.







We headed into the stadium and found our seats. The boys sat and watched the game and asked questions and genuinely seemed interested in the activity on the field.

baseball5 baseball6

There were lots of trips to the bathroom and snacks and of course there was cotton candy.



But the best part of our (long) afternoon was hanging out with friends and enjoying a beautiful summer day at the best ballpark in the country.

baseball9 baseball10

By the 12th inning it was getting difficult to keep the boys contained – that is a long time for them to stay in a small area. But we kept thinking the Pirates would win in the next inning and we didn’t want to miss the excitement. The game ended after 16 innings and unfortunately the Pirates lost.



Wyatt was disappointed that we didn’t see the Pirates get trophies at the end of the game. I’m looking forward to taking them to more games next summer and more fun, family outings.



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