Wyatt’s Surgery Wrap-Up

All things considered I don’t think that the day could have gone better. I have learned that if Wyatt knows what to expect, he is much more easy going. Monday evening Scott and I explained that Wyatt had a boo-boo inside his belly and the Dr. needed to fix it. We also told him that he wouldn’t be able to eat any food in the morning. The only drinks he was allowed in the morning (until 10:00 am) were water, apple juice and Gatorade so he helped me make popsicles out of Gatorade before bed.

Tuesday morning Wyatt walked downstairs with a blanket and stuffed animal, curled up in my lap, and asked for a popsicle. I kept him busy for the next 2 hours and on several occasions he asked if we could “go to the Drs now” – he didn’t want to wait anymore. Since Scott was out-of-town, my mom spent the day with us. We drove North to the area where the Children’s Surgery Center is located and went shopping and Wyatt picked out a new stuffed animal to take with him.


We arrived at the surgery center at 11:40 for our noon appointment and we were immediately taken back to a room and there were some toys so Wyatt played while we waited.


Then he was weighed and they gave him a gown – “a playroom shirt” – to wear over his pants. Both Wyatt and his new dog were given a bracelet and his dog would go with him to the operating room.


Once he was prepped and I had talked to anesthesiology we went to the playroom – the surgery waiting area for children. There were lots of toys and a train table and cars to drive. While I watched the clock waiting for his time slot to arrive, Wyatt happily played. We even drove up and down the hallway.

surgery4 surgery5

At 1:00 Wyatt’s surgeon talked to us and I added OR attire to my outfit. Wyatt took my picture and at this point it was the first time that he mentioned he was hungry. I told him that he would be able to eat as soon as the Dr. was done and he was awake.


At 1:10 Wyatt and I held hands and walked to the operating room. He was calm and listened to everything that he was asked to do. He sat on the operating table holding his dog and then it was time to lie down and breathe the cherry scented, sleepy air. Wyatt giggled as he took the first few breaths. As I sat at his side, I watched the arm wrapped around his dog slowly slide down to the table as he drifted off to sleep. I walked out of the room and they inserted his IV and started the procedure. A brief 30 minutes later the surgeon found us in the waiting room and told us everything went well and someone would get us when Wyatt was awake.

It was an hour later when we were finally taken back to recovery. Wyatt was awake and making quick work of a popsicle. He was happy to see us and immediately complained about the IV in his hand and asked if we could leave.

surgery7 surgery8

He finished the popsicle and a slushie and then I got him out of the bed and he curled up on my lap. This is the only time that he cried all day – he really wanted the tape and IV removed.


The nurse walked through the discharge instructions and removed the IV and we were in the car 30 minutes after he woke-up.


We stopped to fill the prescription for pain medication and buy sherbet and then we went home. He ate sherbet and a bowl of tortilla chips and a mini-loaf of bread and then he was ready for a short rest before Juliana and Ruslan arrived home.


It took him a while to fall asleep last night, but then he was out for the night. He barely woke when I gave him more pain medicine when I went to bed. Wyatt slept in my bed and woke-up happy at 6:00 am. He was cranky most of the morning – he wanted to sit on my lap or stay right next to me. Eventually he agreed to work on a sticker book.

When I dressed him, he wasn’t happy with the pants I picked out and he turned quickly to run away from me and it hurt. He immediately slowed down and asked me to help him. Our challenge over the next 2 weeks will be to help him slow down and reduce the normal climbing and rough-housing activities.

After tonight battle, I think it is time to stop the high-strength pain medication. He was running around the room, flipping over the footboard, and jumping on the bed singing “have you seen the jumpin’ man, the jumpin’ man, the jumpin’ man”. Eventually I brought him downstairs to the couch to prevent him from injuring himself. Hopefully we can get back to the normal routine soon.

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