A Deal is a Deal

After several weeks of challenging preschool drop-offs, I was desperate for an improvement. Every morning Wyatt told me he didn’t want to go to school and when we got to his classroom, he cried and held on to me, chased me down the hall to the door, and basically made the morning process very stressful. I drove home in tears many days and Wyatt would have a hard time adjusting to the morning routine after the rough start. We both needed to have a better start to our mornings.

One morning Wyatt asked if we could go to Chuck E Cheese and I had an idea. I found some stickers and paper and told Wyatt we were going to create a sticker chart. I told him that whenever we had a calm drop-off at preschool I would give him a sticker for his chart. And when he collected 10 stickers we would go to Chuck E Cheese. He was very excited and quickly counted 10 stickers and asked if he could have them all right then.

I explained the plan again and then we went to school. He started to cry and I sat down with him and hugged him and reminded him about the sticker. He wiped his eyes and went to play with his friend. At home that evening he was so proud when he added the sticker to his chart.

Two weeks have passed and Wyatt collected all of the necessary stickers earlier this week.

A deal is a deal and this evening we went to Chuck E Cheese. The kids were all thrilled and Scott and I were a bit less excited, but it was practically empty and it turned out to be a fun, family activity. Car races, skee ball, basketball and all sorts of other games.

Now we will have to see if the good drop-offs continue or if Wyatt asks for more stickers and another incentive.

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