How Old Were You?

Juliana loves math and all things related to numbers – How much do things cost? How many minutes with it take? How many inches tall is that? At lunch this weekend, Juliana argued that toys are a better use of money than food, because toys last longer.

In the car she launched into another series of questions: How old were you when?

We talked about all of the things that are relatively recent inventions. Cell phones – you used to have to be at home if someone needed to call you? DVRs – you could only watch what was on tv right at that moment and you couldn’t pause? iPads, etc. She is amazed and doesn’t understand how we lived without all of those things.

Then she asked how old I was when cars were invented – I was quick to let her know that cars were invented long before I was born. So she asked about mini-vans and I explained that the min-vans were first available when I was a teenager. And then I told her that before mini-vans, big families had station wagons.

And I had to explain the station wagon. It went well until I described the tailgate and the way back and how we would ride facing backwards in the car. She listened and asked lots of questions and then said, “so the way back was kind of like a hay ride.”

I looked for some pictures to help her understand – the first one is an ad that describes this station wagon as luxurious – I have no idea what the rainy day has to do with luxury. When I showed her this picture, she understood the car but questioned the lack of car seats. I explained that laws change over time and she sighed and said, “I know…safety.”

I did not show her the second picture. The text in this ad reads: “The rear of the wagon is a play area”. Notice the baby lying in the back while the older children play. Times have certainly changed.





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