It’s a Good Year to Be a Pirates Fan

Wyatt has been interested in the Pirates all summer and he wears his Pirates baseball hat constantly. I often find that hat in bed with him at night. Once he found out we were going to a game in August, he asked every day when we were going and if he would wear his “Pirates game shirt”.   Since that game he has asked to go back to a game almost every day. When he sees the Pirates on TV, he says we should go to the game. So when Scott and I went to a game two weeks ago and I heard that they were playing during the afternoon the next day, I told Scott he should take Wyatt. A special Daddy and Wyatt outing.

I dressed him in his Pirates shirt that morning and he argued with me about wearing it. We were in the midst of a very difficult drop-off week at preschool and I finally calmed his hysterics that day by telling him that Daddy would pick him up before lunch. I left the rest of the surprise for Scott.

Scott picked him up before lunch and they headed to the South Side to park and take the boat across to PNC Park.





Wyatt was excited when they arrived at the baseball game and he happily sat and watched the game. There were snacks of course – French fries and cotton candy!





Wyatt was exhausted when they left the game.



The next day he was very upset that Daddy was not coming to pick him up early again. It seems that Wyatt had so much fun that he wanted to have a special daddy day everyday.

This morning I explained that there was a really important game for the Pirates tonight and he happily wore his Pirates game shirt and hat to school.

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