Juliana 8.0

Her personality fills the room and her voice is difficult to ignore even in a crowd. Her smile and laugh are infectious.


She bounces up and down for the first 10 minutes that she is home each day – the need to release energy is too strong to resist.


Although there are times that I think she wishes that she were still an only child, she loves her little brothers.



She is a busy girl Рschool and reading, soccer and gymnastics, play and movie time Рher days are full and she sleeps soundly when they end.


Juliana loves with her whole heart and she can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t love her back just as hard.


The last words she said before she went to sleep last night were, “You are definitely the best Mommy in the whole world!” She makes me want to be the best possible mom.

Happy Eighth Birthday Baby Girl!


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