One More Ride

It was the second weekend in September and I looked at the calendar and realized that the next day was the last day of the year the rides were open at Kennywood. So we made quick plans and decided to go.

Last summer, both Juliana and I had flexible schedules and we made it to Kennywood 4 times. She has become my little roller coaster buddy and an afternoon of coaster riding always makes me happy. This summer I decided to get season passes for Juliana and me.

Every time we went, we stopped at the official measurement station to check her height. And each time she was 51-1/2″ tall. Until this last visit when she finally grew and was over 52″ tall. That meant that she could finally ride the Thunderbolt – one of the best wooden roller coasters anywhere. Since I usually take her to Kennywood alone, Scott had the honor of taking her on the Thunderbolt for the first time. She was unimpressed – it was boring and too slow – she is spoiled by the fast, steel coaster.



I spent most of my day with the boys in Kiddie Land. They are not quite tall enough for most of the rides and they still love the security of the smaller rides like the kiddie coaster.


None of the children wanted to leave but Wyatt took it especially hard. He followed me up the ramp to the exit, crying and yelling One More Ride! over and over.


It was a great family afternoon and I love watching my kids have fun at Kennywood.



If you need to be cheered up, here are a bunch of pictures of the boys riding the ride that goes up and down and the mini-whip. I’m not sure you can have more fun than they have every year on these rides. I can almost hear them laughing when I look at these.


















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