Ten Years Ago, Part 1: The Meadow Party

It was a perfect fall day. The sky was clear and it was warm with a slight crisp in the air.

I had been traveling almost every week and all I wanted to do that Saturday was sleep in and spend the afternoon on the couch watching football. But I convinced myself to get ready and I hopped in my Jeep wearing jeans and a dark green sweater.

Scott had just returned to town as well. He had spent the past 6 weeks in Biloxi, Mississippi at Air Force training (he had transferred from the Army National Guard to the Air Force National Guard). He was tired from his long drive and wanted to stay home as well. But he decided to come to the party – I’m sure that he was wearing jeans and a black, short-sleeved shirt since that is what he wore almost every time I saw him in those early weeks.


Natalae and Scott had been friends for a long time. Natalae worked with my Dad and I came along to one of her famous Christmas parties. After that I was invited to all of the regular events. Scott and I met at that Christmas party and I even saw him a week later at a hockey game – it seems that our hockey seats were only a few rows away from each other in the E Balcony of the Civic Arena.

Most of Natalae’s parties were filled with people – everyone was welcome – and once you came to one of her parties, you were added to the regular invitation list.


And then there was the meadow party. Natalae decided to have a small party in the meadow near her house on October 11, 2003. There was wine and cheese and dips and snacks, and Scott and I were among the invited guests. It was no secret that she thought we would make a perfect couple. After sunset we headed down to Natalae’s house and had dinner. Natalae and Scott were eating out on the deck and after I joined them, Natalae disappeared. The conversation was easy and we talked until everyone started to gather around the bonfire. We sat on hay bales and ate smores and enjoyed the beautiful night.

Eventually people started to leave and the last few people gathered in the media room to watch a movie. Not just any movie, a scary movie. I don’t like scary movies. We watched The Ring and I the only way I survived the movie was by snuggling close to Scott. It was 1:00 am when the movie ended and Scott walked me to my car and hugged me goodbye.


Monday afternoon Scott e-mailed me and asked me out for that Friday. We decided to go to an Italian restaurant in Squirrel Hill and that I would meet him at his house. I spent the next few days thinking about what to wear and I managed to leave work early on Thursday so I had time to buy new shoes before school that night.

Friday night I arrived at Scott’s house before him and nervously waited. When he arrived I got into his car and we went to dinner. We had a lovely dinner and then went back to his house and watched a movie (The Italian Job). Then it was time for me to leave and he walked me to my car and kissed me.


Tomorrow evening, 10 years after the first meadow party,  we will go to Natalae’s house and watch the sunset from that same meadow with our three children.


I don’t have any pictures from the meadow from that night. So here are pictures of Scott and me while we were dating and a picture of Juliana in the meadow in 2007.






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