Wyatt Loves Me

At least twice a day my children hear me say that I love them. At the bus stop / preschool drop-off and at bedtime.

Juliana tells me that she loves me many, many, many times each day. I am storing those up for her teenage years.

Each night when I say good night to Ruslan, I say “I love you Ruslan” and he replies, “I love you too Mommy”.


It was about 6 months ago that I realized that Wyatt never says I love you. When I say I love you he doesn’t respond. “Wyatt, do you love Mommy?” Shrugs.

I started to bride him to say I love you to me. Even when I bribed him, hearing those words would make me so happy I would cry.

Last night as Wyatt and I were snuggling before bed I said “I love you Wyatt” and in a soft voice he replied, “I love you Mommy”.


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