Batman Returns

From the first moment we talked about Halloween, Ruslan wanted to be “a police”. His costume came with a whistle (so loud, that whistle) and a simple belt, but not many accessories. I found a set of tools with a more sturdy belt. I told Ruslan that I bought handcuffs for him, he asked what those were. I explained that those are what police use when they catch bad guys and need to lock them up. He yelled “I WANTED THOSE! I like those!”



He was the cutest little policeman, but he may have crossed a line when he tried to arrest batman.

halloween3 halloween4

Juliana couldn’t commit to a costume. She spent hours looking through catalogs and changed her mind several times a day. I think it was easier for her during all of the years that I tried to coordinate everyone’s costumes. She would rather dress up in a fabulous dress than a flimsy costume and she was more concerned about being sparkly and pretty than selecting a character. In the end she settled on Tinkerbell.


I have a strict rule about Halloween costumes – they can be worn as much as they want after trick-or-treat, but not before. The night before Halloween, my parents took the kids to a carnival so each child had to select a different costume. Juliana has tons of costumes and I was surprised to see that boys’ costumes from the past 2 years still fit. Ruslan decided to wear Captain America and Wyatt was Iron Man. There was a costume parade at preschool on Thursday and Ruslan ended up as Iron Man and Wyatt selected his Batman costume from 2 years ago.

Wyatt returned home from preschool insistent that he would be wearing his batman costume that evening. So the new transformer costume was left behind for another day and batman made a second Halloween appearance.


It was dark, rainy and windy for trick-or-treat this year, but that didn’t stop them from having a lot of fun.




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