I Decided That We Need A Little Extra Magic

Two weeks from today Ruslan and Wyatt will go on their first airplane¬†flight and they will visit Disney World for the first time. It will be Juliana’s 3rd trip, Scott’s 3rd, my 7th and I believe my mom’s 7th as well. My mom loves Disney and an even number of people means that Juliana won’t have to sit by herself on rides. Plus one adult per child in a crowd is a very good thing.

Generally our Disney trips are planned months in advance with character meals scheduled 90 days before our trip and we are usually there for a full week. This trip was booked 10 days ago, we will only be there 4 days and of course all of the character meals were already booked.

Juliana was barely two when we took her for the first time and she loved every minute. She ran up to characters and hugged them and danced with them. Shortly after her 4th birthday my mom and I took her and that was a girly, princess trip from start to finish. This time she is eight and I am curious to see how the trip is different for her. She will be missing school – she has perfect attendance K-2nd grade to this point.

I am looking forward to experiencing Disney with the boys. Ruslan is excited about the trip because everyone else is excited and we get to go on an airplane and stay in a hotel. Wyatt is excited about the trip because he will miss 4 days of school. Monday morning he woke up and asked if he could go to school for one more day and then go to Disney World. I might need to make a chart for him to cross off the days.

We told the kids about the trip on Sunday. Disney has a new system that replaces the cards for hotel and park admission – magic bands. So we had Juliana open the boxes with the magic bands and figure out the surprise.


There is a lot of excitement and we are watching videos about airplanes and park rides and looking at hotel pictures. Two more weeks until we get a break from the real world and a little extra magic in our lives.

Disney through the years. 1984 – my first trip to Disney


1994 – Week at Disney with one of my college roommates the week after graduation. (1998 trip not pictured)


2004 – Scott’s first trip to Disney



2007 – Juliana’s first trip to Disney – I miss those tiny pigtails.




2009 – The princess love trip – the look on her face as she hugs Ariel…










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