Many Years of Christmas PJs

When my friend Jenna wrote about Christmas jammies and posted pictures of her boys through the years, I made a note to pull pictures of my kids. Each year I track down Christmas pajamas for the kids and my first preference is always penguins – this year I bought the same pjs for Juliana and then found other penguin pjs for her as well. While going through 8 years of pictures from Christmas morning, I learned that I take a lot more pictures now. Also: Juliana does own socks, but it is evident with these pictures that she avoids them.

2005 – I don’t have pj pictures of Juliana from her first Christmas so I will substitute this cuteness instead. Juliana was 8 weeks old on her first Christmas.

juliana-2005a juliana-2005b2006 – Again…no pj pictures

juliana-2006b juliana-2006a

2007 – Juliana was two and she was sick that day. Not a lot of happy pictures from that morning.


2008 – This was our last Christmas with only Juliana. I was pregnant and miserable (it was the year our tree was barely decorated), but we managed to pull off a magical Christmas for her.

juliana-2008a juliana-2008b2009 – Our first Christmas with all three children.


2010 – Christmas with the wild boys – they spent more time jumping on the box from the Barbie Dream house than they did opening presents.

juliana-2010a juliana-2010b

2011 – Proof that I try to find penguin pjs for me as well.

juliana-2011a juliana-2011b

2012 – The singing and drumming edition.


2013 – This year I asked them to sit still for a few minutes in front of the tree. Wyatt and Juliana smiled and Ruslan sneezed and got upset. So Juliana suggested that they all make sad faces.

pjs1 pjs2

Then they offered surprised faces.

pjs3 pjs4


I requested smiles.


And finally there were hugs, lots and lots of hugs.

pjs8 pjs6



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