On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas

On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas, I finally found time to write about Christmas.

Between Thanksgiving and vacation and business travel we got a late start on Christmas decorating. Eventually the tree was up and then the train and the Christmas village joined a week later. The kids spent hours rearranging thing and enjoying the decorations.

christmas2013-1 christmas2013-2

Christmas week was busy and fun-filed. On Sunday my brother and SIL arrived in town and we had family dinner at our house. The kids love Uncle Nick and Aunt Becky and my brother is still a big kid when he is with them.


Monday we went to see Santa and then we had dinner at my parent’s house.

Tuesday, Christmas Eve, we dressed the boys in sweater vests and went to my parent’s house again for dinner and presents.

christmas2013-4 christmas2013-3

My parents gave the boys their big presents as soon as we arrived. A police car for Ruslan and drums for Wyatt.

christmas2013-5 christmas2013-6

After dinner everyone helped clean-up and we opened presents. Then we said our good-byes to Uncle Nick and Aunt Becky and they left to drive back to Maryland as we packed up to head home.

christmas2013-7 christmas2013-8christmas2013-16 christmas2013-9

With everyone tucked into bed in their Christmas Pjs, I finished the final wrapping and we arranged the presents around the tree.

Christmas morning was a mix of open a present, hand it to Daddy to open and put together, open something else, play with the first thing and continue until the last present was open.

christmas2013-12 christmas2013-13

christmas2013-14 christmas2013-11

Then it was time to clean-up, set the table and start preparing Christmas dinner. We were joined by my parents, Scott’s parents and a good friend. We had a lovely afternoon of eating, conversation, and of course playing with Christmas toys.


It was a packed few days of much needed family time.


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