Conversations with Ruslan and Wyatt

The boys have reached the point of endless chatter. I remember when we were worried about Wyatt’s conversation level; we certainly don’t worry about that anymore.  The boys are always talking and sometimes they argue about whose turn it is to talk.


Ruslan makes me laugh everyday, here are a few recent favorite comments.

My favorite Ruslan word: Mucher. It’s a synonym for more. I have mucher toys than Wyatt.

Tunella – his variation on Nutella.

He has always been good at finding things that are lost. Drop something small? Ruslan will find it for you right away. In his words – “I’m a good looker”. He is also a good hearer.

We were in the car and it was sunny and raining so I told Juliana and Ruslan to look for a rainbow. Ruslan replied in a sad voice, “I don’t like rainbows. They are too shiny and they hurt my eyes!

Ruslan asked for a treat and I told him that he could have sherbet. In a very sad voice he told me that he doesn’t like ice cream because it is too cold; it is so cold that it hurts his tongue. Of course an hour after this he was happily eating a bowl of sherbet.

I was getting Ruslan ready for bed and I told him that his piggies were super stinky. He said that they were not and smelled them and proceeded to burst into tears…they were stinky.

“Mommy, the recycling bin is full. Can I wear the lid as a hat?” – of course was already wearing it.

On the way to school Ruslan told me that he is always good at school and he never sits in time out. “Actually I was in timeout two times. I was in timeout two times yesterday.” He was in time out for running, “because I have to run, I need to run all day.”


My favorite thing is listening to Ruslan and Wyatt’s conversations. I eventually get roped into the discussion, especially if we are in the car.

Almost every day there is a conversation that starts with “When we go back to Disney World”. Yesterday’s conversation went something like this.

R: When we go back to Disney World I want to go on lots of rides.
W: I want to go on the Tower of Terror again. That ride is so cool.
R: Yes, me too. Mommy, that ride is an elevator that goes really fast!
M: Ruslan, I thought that you didn’t like that ride?
R: I did like it, I want to go again.
W: Me too, I love that ride!
R: *sad, quiet voice* Mommy, will you hold my hand, that ride is too scary.


Wyatt still keeps Bunny Bunny with him all of the time. We were driving to dinner recently and Wyatt suggested that Bunny Bunny would like a pet bunny. Wyatt brought it up again at dinner and I asked him where the bunny would sleep.
W: The bunny would sleep in my bed.
M: No, the bunny would need to sleep in a cage so it wouldn’t poop in your bed.
W: The bunny could sleep on the potty.
M: What if the bunny falls in the potty and he can’t swim?
R: I know, let’s get a fish instead.

After dinner we took the boys to the pet store so they could see the bunnies and pet one. The next day my mom and I took the boys shoe shopping and while we were driving Wyatt told Nonni that he had pet a bunny and she responded with “I had a pet bunny when I was a little girl.”

Spoiler alert folks: My mom’s bunny experienced a tragic death – I will save the details. So as soon as she told the boys that she had a pet bunny, I looked at her wide-eyed and whispered, “this isn’t going to end well.”

So of course the boys asked if they could play with the bunny and where does the bunny live.

N: I don’t have the bunny anymore.
W: Where is it?
R: I’m a good looker. I think that we can help you find him.
N: Well, I don’t know.
R: Which way did he hop? (so much laughing in the front seat)
R: I’m the police. I will find him!

Then Ruslan was distracted by being the police and focused on arresting Nonni for driving too fast…


On the way to preschool today, a car went through a red light in front of me. I talked to the boys about how important it is to pay attention to lights and that the driver was not being safe.
R: Was there a man driving that car?
M: Yes, it was a man.
R: Well…mans are not very good lookers.

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