Juliana’s Book of Complaints

Juliana is not allowed to come downstairs after she is in her room for the night (illness, serious injury, etc are obvious exceptions). She was always finding an excuse to leave her room – something that she needs to tell me or she needs something for the morning…

In order to facilitate her need to pass along information while remaining in her room, she writes notes and leaves them at the end of her bed for me. Most nights when I check on the kids before I go to bed, there is a note from Juliana.

My favorites are the ones that she writes in her journal style notebook that usually require me to circle yes or no to answer her question. There are also random notes like: I can lick my elbow. (I asked her to show me the next day and she can’t.)

Often the note includes her reading steps for the day so I can add them to her reading log for school.


Notes with pictures are also fun.


Recently she realized that she could create mini-books with stacks of post-its. Sometimes it is a short story, other times it is a┬álist of information. For example – My Favorite Things – list of favorite things with illustrations.

This week’s mini-book is titled Complaints. She was mad that night because she couldn’t fall asleep and when she came downstairs to tell me that I sent her back to her room. It’s 9:30 – Go To Sleep!


That prompted the airing of her complaints.

p.1 My legs hurt. I’m hungry can I have a snack? I can’t sleep. I’m sniffly.
p.2 I want to go to Olive Garden. Where’s Nonni? I miss Nonni. I want to go somewhere.
p.3 I’m sad. Can I watch a movie? I want to call Sara.
Illustrations include: Sad Juliana, iPad, pasta with sauce on the side at Olive Garden and a donut with frosting and sprinkles.

At least she got all of the complaints out of her system at once.



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  • Julie Oldach

    I just caught up with some of my reading. Too busy, cuz I enjoy all the readings & pictures immensely! I loved the ones of Wyatt with his precious bunny. And I also enjoyed Juliana’s complaint book. I think I should do that, then I wont be complaining to the ‘world’. They seem so silly when you write them down. I miss you & your wonderful family. Love to all & kisses too. GRAM