Random Ruslan and Wyatt – January in Pictures

January was a long month, it was cold and snowy and there were school delays and closures. We spent a lot of time at home with plenty of pj and movie days. I hope that February involves more weeks with the regular routine.

All 3 kids got plasma cars for Christmas and Ruslan spends hours on his.

random10 random11

They aren’t allowed to bring food in the playroom, there must have been something on the TV in the playroom this day that they wanted to watch.

random13 random2

I don’t know why Ruslan moved his chair 2 feet from the kitchen table and thought this was a better place to eat. I did move him back to the table after I took the picture.


Wyatt continues to bring Bunny Bunny everywhere and generally he has a penguin or two as well.

random6 random7

I opened Ruslan’s suitcase one day to pack it and found this collection inside.


There were snuggles to watch movies and of course lots of Lego creations were built, destroyed and built again.

random5 random3

And at the end of the day there was sleep – Ruslan always stretched out and Wyatt curled up with his collection of blankies and animals.

random9 random12

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