A Wild Morning

Instead of an alarm clock, this morning I was awoken by roaring dinosaurs outside my bedroom door. I don’t know how long they had been awake, but my guess is that these two little boys got an early start to their day. They were loud and very active and having a grand time together while they were the only people awake in the house.

For most of the past week, Ruslan has been carrying his “dinosaur bible” everywhere with him. If you ask him about it you should be prepared to sit and discuss every dinosaur in the book. He is very upset that I won’t buy a dinosaur for him. He also thinks that Daddy is a dinosaur expert and anything that I say is subject to confirmation from Daddy (I think he might be confused about who the geology major is in this family).

dino1 dino2

The dinosaur toys that haven’t been touched in over a year are suddenly the most prized toys in the house. The T-Rex has been doing battle against various Super Heroes all week.

The roaring is so loud and you never know when a dinosaur will make an appearance. This morning they were roaring so loudly that Juliana yelled, “STOP, I can’t concentrate on brushing my teeth! Leave me alone!” Of course it is difficult to deal with personal hygiene when under dinosaur attack.

When I dropped Ruslan off in his preschool room this morning, he walked past the children who were quietly coloring. He headed directly toward two little girls who were dancing to the music that was playing. He stopped next to them and roared. The two girl giggled and ran and Ruslan laughed and followed them across the room.

Mid-morning I went upstairs to get something and noticed that the boys had opened the window blinds in their room. In order to open the blinds, you need to reach up to the tiny knob at the top of the blinds and turn it. If you are a little boy, that means that you are standing on a headboard or footboard (on tippy toys) to reach the tiny knob. And yes there is still security over their bedroom windows – it is a 3-story drop outside – I don’t trust those windows against bounding little boys. As I closed the blinds this morning, I noticed teeth marks. They probably aren’t from today because they look too small to be made by dinosaurs.

dino3 dino4dino5


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