Fake Spring

After many weeks of below freezing temperatures we had a brief reprieve. One of the days was actually warm – spring jacket warm. Our driveway was still covered in ice and snow and our street was narrowed by the snow piled along the sides. So I packed the van with an assortment of riding vehicles and drove to a big empty parking lot. Room to run, space to ride fast and far, and fresh air to breathe. They had so much fun being outside and riding bikes.

That evening  Juliana asked, “Is this Fake Spring?” I told her that it was unfortunately fake spring and she sighed and walked away.


fake-spring2 fake-spring3








fake-spring5 fake-spring4









fake-spring7 fake-spring6










2 comments to Fake Spring

  • Sarah Zipse

    What a great idea! It has been such a long winter and what you described is the same here in Chicago. The snow piles have made the streets narrow and difficult to see at intersections. Can’t wait to see the sidewalks, but assume they will be in bad shape. The kids look like they are so ready to have their outside playtime back!

  • Julie Oldach

    Hi – I like the fake spring pictures. I keep looking out the window each day but snow everywhere. They keep saying it’s getting warmer but I’m not so sure. I do think our snow got a little bit lower. That’s a good sign. Loved the elephant picture. I take it they must be safe to stand right next to. The kids looks so happy outside doing things. I think I would look so happy outside doing things too. Winter tire, snow tired. I too am waiting for spring & to see birds again. Do y’all see any birds down there yet? Love to all. GRAMA