A Vacation Summary in Tweets

Last year when Scott and I were preparing to go on our first cruise, I was worried about being disconnected. I wanted to relax and have fun and why did that mean taking away the internet. However, when we docked at the end of those five days and I turned my cellular connection back on, I was assaulted my beeps and alerts. Those constant noises that are continually in the background of our lives were surprisingly loud to me.

So this year I was looking forward to the break from the internet as well (we did buy a small number of wifi minutes to check in at home a few times). Within hours of leaving the coast of Florida, I reached for my phone to tweet something. After all the people watching is epic on a cruise ship. I decided that the best way to summarize the vacation would be to catalog some of the things that I would have tweeted.

cruise2 cruise1

Putting the What the F in Formal – there is guy at the Chef’s Table who is wearing cargo shorts and an Oregon State t-shirt.


Dear room service, thanks for calling at 6:45 am to let us know that you are going to deliver the food that Scott ordered. It’s not like I wanted to sleep in on our first day at sea. {Scott had an early dive scheduled for that morning. We were only docked in Nassau until 2pm that day.}

The ship has Coke Freestyle machines. I am going to be completely addicted to Diet Vanilla Cherry Coke by the end of the week and not be able to buy it anywhere.

One of our suite privileges is free cocktails in the Concierge Lounge from 5-8 pm each day. It is 58 steps from the door to our suite to the door to the Lounge. #locationlocationlocation

cruise7I stayed on the ship at port today and didn’t sit out in the sun. Still got some sunburn.

I am 1/2 glass of wine from turning into a drunk woo girl.

cruise6I am amazed by the ship crew. While walking through the Royal Promenade, the sommelier from the Chef’s Table spotted us, addressed us by name and asked how our cruise has been since he last saw us.

Pro tip: Don’t try to take a selfie on your balcony on an exceptionally windy day at sea {do however hang out and watch people try to lay towels on lounge chairs on the upper decks – hilarious…so many things blowing away}

cruise4 cruise5The ferry ride from St. Thomas to St. John’s was supposed to be a scenic 30-min ride, instead it was an epic adventure and I was dripping wet from head to toe when we reached St. John’s. {I had to wring out my clothes which were clinging to me}

I laughed off the wild, water adventure and soaked up the sun and the beauty of St. John’s in our open air island transportation.


The Island of St. John’s is lovely. The fact that the entire island is non-smoking makes it even more beautiful.

Relaxing on the beach at Trunk Bay – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


While some people lounge on the beach, others snorkel.


Walked past the café at lunch and there were several tables of 4-6 yr-olds with matching plates of chicken tenders and fries (part of the ship’s children’s program). Made me miss the boys.

Good night’s sleep, quiet breakfast in the Concierge Lounge with my kindle, some sun and swimming in the solarium and a long shower – great 1st half to the day.


Scott walked in the door from his dive and told me that he saw lots of wildlife. That is doing to the opposite of convincing me that diving is fun.

We were eating in a beach café in St. Marteen when we saw the news about the high school stabbing back home. I felt sick being so far away from my children. I checked in with my mom that night to make sure that Juliana was ok – knowing that she would have heard about it.

I dreamed about the Grand Marnier soufflé that I had for dessert last night. It was that good. {still thinking about that soufflé}

2 full days at sea and then a day of travel home. Miss the kids but not ready to return to work and cooking food for myself and others.

cruise13 cruise12

I would never cruise without a balcony – I spent a lot of time sitting out there. Reading. Staring out at the ocean. Relaxing with my eyes closed and enjoying the peace and quiet. This video was taken from the balcony on our last day at sea. So peaceful.

3 comments to A Vacation Summary in Tweets

  • So awesome. Glad you had an amazing, relaxing, trip!

    (A grand marnier souffle sounds AMAZING.)

  • Jen

    Aaah this makes me want to go on another cruise! We went on Freedom of the Seas a few years ago and loved it. Oasis looks amazing! What a fantastic trip :)

  • Sarah Zipse

    Girl, I am so jealous! Who wouldn’t dream of souffle? While you’re at it you should have had a tasting competition of all the wonderful souffles you’ve had around the world :)