April Celebrations

During the awful, never-ending winter, I keep my eyes on the first week of April and our planned vacation. We were promised warmth and a much needed break. But as excited as I was, I was also dreading the craziness that April would bring.

My philosophy on birthday parties for the kids is simple – a big party on their first birthday. Small family gatherings over the next few years followed by “friend” parties starting at age 5. The boys’ birthday fell on Easter this year which made party planning a challenge. We ended up having their party a full week before their birthday on a Sunday afternoon – the day after Scott and I returned home from vacation. We arrived home after dinner on Saturday, spent Sunday running around taking care of final preparations, taking the boys for haircuts, and finally their party. Monday was my first day back at work and I had to make the minion cupcakes for school because Tuesday was their last full day before Easter break. It was a crazy first week back at home.

We had their party at a local play center with a bounce house, ball pit, things to climb, space to run and all around full entertainment for the kids. They were wild and happy for two hours and it was an easy birthday party because everyone was contained and I didn’t have to do anything once we were there. My friend Mindy made the adorable and delicious minion cakes!

5thbirthday3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 5thbirthday1 5thbirthday25thbirthday5 5thbirthday65thbirthday8 5thbirthday75thbirthday9 5thbirthday10Easter Sunday morning started with birthday cupcakes.

5thbirthday12 5thbirthday115thbirthday13 5thbirthday14Later there were presents.

5thbirthday15 5thbirthday165thbirthday17 5thbirthday18And then we spent the afternoon at Nana and Papa’s house playing and having more birthday and Easter fun.

5thbirthday21 5thbirthday22You will never guess who decorated the cake.

5thbirthday20  5thbirthday19The Easter festivities wrapped throughout the birthday celebrations and the kids took part in 4 different Easter egg hunts as well. It was a month of fun from start to finish.

easter-eggs1 easter-eggs2

2 comments to April Celebrations

  • Julie Oldach

    Wonderful pictures!!! Everything looks so delicious, I don’t like missing all these parties! (or all these sweets. I love both those cakes! Yum!!!!I miss all of you. GRAMA

  • Julie Oldach

    You know I really like that Easter Cake & I was thinking I might make one like it next year. And did my Juliana perhaps decorate that cake, love the rainbow of jelly beans (I hope that’s what it was supposed to look like). I was thinking maybe at the bottom I would fill it up with gold pieces (you know they have chocolate coins wrapped up in gold tinfoil).