10 Years Ago, Part 3: We Bought A House

The house was never officially on the market. Scott’s Great Uncle was the original owner of the house and the family decided they were ready to sell it in April 2004. It was located in Forest Hills, less than a mile from the house that Scott owned at the time. Scott’s mom took us to see it even though we weren’t planning to move at the time. We recognized the house as a great family home and made an offer within a week.


The house had great bones but needed a lot of work inside. We closed on the house on June 4, 2004 and spent the next 4 weeks tearing up carpet, having the floors refinished, painting almost every room in the house and cleaning. We eventually moved in the last week of June.

SC+JMThere was carpet everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet in the front hallway went up the stairs and down the hall upstairs, but the carpet in the bedrooms was all different. All of the carpet was out of the house within a few days. We found this ancient flooring under the carpet in the front hallway. We initially painted the floor and then replaced the with tile a year later.

entrance1 stairshallway-floor now4When we replaced the hallway floor in 2005 we also replaced the linoleum in all 3 bathrooms. Somewhere along the way we tore the wallpaper out of all 3 bathrooms and replaced the pink, turquoise and orange sinks (and the pink toilet too).

master-bath master-bath2bathroom-floor3 powder room

bathroom1 master bath1

The wood floors were in amazing shape throughout most of the house; there were only a few sections that needed to be replaced. All of the floors were refinished at the same time while the house was empty and then the painting projects were next on the list.

floors-during floors-afterliving room1 now2

living room3 now1

In 2009, when I was 26 weeks pregnant with twins, we gutted our kitchen and took down part of the wall between the kitchen and dining room. More on that another time…it was by far the biggest change that we made to the house.

kitchen1green-carpet now3

When we bought that house, I thought that we would be there for a very long time. But 7 years later we moved on and starting working on another house.



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