Preschool Comes to a Close and the Next Chapter Begins

It’s a big week for the boys. The end of preschool, graduation and kindergarten screening. Wyatt was proclaimed the most improved over the year and it sure has been a big year for him. From the parent-teacher conference in the fall where I fought back tears the entire conversation and the weeks that I got a call almost every day that Wyatt was causing trouble, yelling at teachers, etc. to a recent parent-teacher conference when I received a glowing report on Wyatt’s progress and readiness for kindergarten. There were so many times over the past year that I worried if he would be ready.


First and last day of preschool.

Wyatt-P4 Ruslan-P4

Ruslan happily walked across the stage when his name was called. Wyatt was not shy, he walked straight across the stage with a big smile. I am so proud of both of them!

ru-P4-graduation OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwy-P4-graduation  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWyatt with his favorite teacher and mine. Ms Carla has been with us since Juliana started preschool before her 3rd birthday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAScott and I with our boys, our 5-yr olds, our preschool graduates.


This morning was kindergarten screening and the boys were so excited to go and meet the kindergarten teachers! They were disappointed that they didn’t get to ride the bus and that they weren’t staying all day. They are very eager to start “big school”. They emerged from screening happy and bursting with things to tell me. Both of them earned all of their stickers throughout the screening sessions. Wyatt added all of his to his shirt while Ruslan stacked them all on his hand (so you can only see the top sticker).

wyatt--kscreening ruslan-kscreeningruslan-stickers

Where did our babies go…here they are 5 years ago when they wore polo shirts and plaid shirts for the first time (R-brown, W-navy).

plaid1 plaid3


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