Science is Only My Second Favorite Subject

Juliana knows that I have a science degree and talks about me being a scientist (I’m not) and asks me where I keep my hidden lab with all of my potions. And for some reason that all adds up to her thinking that I want her to be a scientist. Granted I want her to like science of course.

One evening she was doing her science homework and I sat down to look over the questions. She turned to me and said, “Mommy, I really like science, but science is only my second favorite. I just love math too much!” I sincerely hope that the love of math and science continues.

Second grade was a great year for Juliana. All of her best friends were in her class and she loved her teacher. She recently told me that from the very first time she met Ms. S way back in Kindergarten, she hoped that she would have Ms. S when we got to second grade. Here they are the week before school started and at fun day at the end of the school year.

ms-silverman-beginning ms-silverman-end

Second grade was another year of straight A’s. This year she was invited to join the gifted program at her school (it starts in 2nd grade) which was an interesting change for Juliana. She is used to being the girl with all of the answers and the first one done with every assignment. In the gifted classroom activities (one morning each week), she was forced to find new ways to solve problems and think. Toward the middle of the year, Juliana would cry before school on gifted days. She would ask to stay home until lunchtime because the work was too hard. By the end of the year she started to take it more seriously and seemed to enjoy it more.

second-grade-deskThis was also the year of so much reading – you can read more about the “Reading Queen” and her reading journey this year. By the end of the year, she was reading on her bus ride when “a book was getting to an exciting spot” – that tells me that reading is starting to become enjoyable.

At some point this year Juliana started writing plays. She would write on the bus and at school when she was done with her assignments. She asked her teacher if they could have a performance. Once she had the green light from Ms. S, she assigned parts to her very willing friends and spent all of her recess time practicing lines with them. Both Kindergarten classes were invited to that inaugural play and the Principal attended as well. Her original version of the script is handwritten on lined school paper with illustrations on each page – a cherished keepsake.

During the last week of school, the class acted out Juliana’s second play. This one was even more elaborate and included props, including this boat that Juliana and one of her friends sat in for part of the play.

second-grade-playShe carries a folder of notebook paper with her so that it is always available for writing down ideas. I hope that her love of story telling continues to grow.

Speaking of growing, Juliana is wearing the same jumper in this picture. It was well below her knees at the beginning of the year.

fist-lastSecond grade was another great year!

fist-day2 last-day2

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  • Julie Oldach

    Hi Jen – Gosh, I think she’s just getting too smart! I’m going to have to start doing some studying to keep up with her. She really gets into things doesn’t she & I think it’s great. I was bragging about her Friday night at the prayer mtg. We have an elderly woman (even older than I) who just found the Lord for real about a year ago. She’s very quiet most of the time but someone mentioned reading & she confessed she loved to read all here life. Come to find out she is a college graduate and was indeed a very avid reader all her life. Never heard her talk so much. I asked her if she had read some of the books I did when I was younger….like the Elsie Dinsmores, Anne of Green Gables, my favorite Jane Eyre, etc. She had read them all. Didn’t ask her if she had read Forever Amber!!! Anyway I was telling her & the rest of our group about Juliana & how she grew from really didn’t care much for reading if she didn’t have to…to the reading queen. I miss her. Before you know it I’ll be going to her wedding. Ouch, I know that had to hurt you a bit! Love, GRAM