Patience at Age Five

It was finally Ruslan’s turn for a Mommy day and he was excited to go to the Pirates game with me. There would be undivided attention from me, the promise of a treat, and he would get to run the bases after the game.

We arrived early enough for him to run through the giant inflatable obstacle course. And when we walked through the gate he got to meet one of the Pierogies – he was very excited!


It was almost time for the game so we bought hot dogs and headed to our seats. Rulsan quickly finished the foot long hotdog and settled back in his seat to watch the game.


We made it through the first inning before he starting complaining. I’m hot, followed by resting his sweaty head against my arm. I want my cotton candy now – I reminded him that we would buy cotton candy when the 3rd inning was over. He shuffled and climbed on me and asked for cotton candy every five minutes and cried – it is never going to be time for cotton candy. Being patient when you are waiting for cotton candy is very hard.

ruslan-pirates4 ruslan-pirates3ruslan-pirates5 ruslan-pirates6

Eventually the 3rd inning came and went and we bought cotton candy and returned to our seats. Ruslan was much happier after that and stopped complaining as much about being hot. There was an occasional request to go home until he was reminded about running the bases.

ruslan-pirates7 ruslan-pirates8The Pirates won and we headed off to find the end of the line to run the bases…it was a very long line. I let Ruslan know that we would be waiting for a long time. Are you sure that you want to wait? Yes, I want to run the bases! It was a while before the line started moving and then it was slow – we waited for close to an hour. When we finally reached the front of the line, he took off running. He flew from base to base and was thrilled to tell me how many kids he passed when he was done!

ruslan-pirates9 ruslan-pirates10ruslan-pirates11 ruslan-pirates12

Ruslan didn’t complain at all while we waited. Being patient when you are waiting to run the bases is easy.

ruslan-pirates13 ruslan-pirates14


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