Ten Years Ago, Part 4: Our Wedding Day

We were married on a cool Friday evening in July – for someone who doesn’t like to be outside when it is hot, I was chancing an outside wedding in July. We had picked the date only a few weeks in advance, I bought a dress on Clearance that needed no alterations, we ordered a cake and flowers and we hired a caterer to serve food and drinks. The wedding was at Scott’s parent’s house – we stood on the front steps and our guests were in the front yard. We invited 30 people – family and our closest friends. My brother and sister-in-law drove in that day and stayed with us and my friend Sarah flew in for a few days and stayed with us as well. They were our first guests in our new home.

I spent most of the wedding day with Sarah. We woke up and made French toast and had a quiet breakfast. Then went to my parent’s house to get my dress and the cookies from my parent’s house and delivered everything to the Scott’s parent’s house. Bill and Ellie were setting up a canopy in the front yard since there was a chance of rain and finishing the decorating.  Ellie made an arch over the front porch and it was perfect! Sarah and I headed home and took showers and I painted my toenails. Scott was gone, taking care of his own errands.

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My Dad dropped us off at the hair salon and my friend Briana picked us up and drove us back to my house. We played with her girls for a little while, and I did my make-up. Then I helped get the girls ready to go and Sarah and Briana dressed for the wedding. As we drove the short mile to Scott’s parents, he was driving back to our house to get ready for the wedding. I greeted family, dressed and then opened the necklace that Scott had left for me. I posed for pictures and watched the guests gather in the front yard.



My entrance was from the garage and my aisle was the sidewalk. My dress was perfect and the delicate pink roses in my simple bouquet were beautiful. My Dad walked me to the front step where Scott was waiting for me. After the ceremony we had a champagne toast and posed for lots of pictures. Then we walked all the way to the backyard to eat and spend time celebrating with friends and family.


We ate delicious cake and cookies and as some of the guests were starting to leave we had a quiet dance in the kitchen. At the end of the night we were sitting in the living room surrounded by some of our favorite people – relaxing, laughing, opening our gifts. I found a comfy seat, kicked off my shoes and enjoyed a tasty beverage.

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Our wedding day was planned in just a few weeks and couldn’t have been more perfect if we had spent a year on the details.

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2 comments to Ten Years Ago, Part 4: Our Wedding Day

  • Sarah Zipse

    It was so perfect and I’m so glad I got to be a part of your special day.

    Watching you become a family has really been the best part. I so wish we lived closer, bymilese cannot change the smile I have every time I read a post and see the joy in your photos

  • Julie Oldach

    I remember your wedding well. It was a beautiful affair from beginning to end. I didn’t realize it was ten years already. Congratulations. But when I see all these children & how big they are I should have known. Here’s to many more wonderful years. The Lord bless all of you in every way. Love you all. Grama Julie