Ten Years Ago

Jen and Scott


Ten years ago we said “I Do”

And started a wonderful adventure together


Nine years ago

A little blonde girl with all the words was welcomed into the world


Eight years ago

We were learning what parenthood was all about


Seven years ago

A little girl showed us a magical place


Six years ago

You said OMG! And I grinned ear to ear


Five years ago

Two wild boys graced us with their presence


Four years ago

I went halfway around the world

But you were by my side every minute


Three years ago

We found a new house… with a playroom…with a door… that closes

And we made it a home


Two years ago

We were promoted as a family


One year ago

I forgot who I was

But you were there to remind me


Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage

And more love than a lifetime can hold

I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to see what the next ten years hold



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