I Can Still Hold Them Both in My Arms

Today is the last day that the boys will spend in the childcare program where they have spent the past five years. In August 2009, when the boys were 16 weeks old, the childcare program that Juliana attended started an infant program. That program opened with 3 babies – Ruslan, Wyatt and Finnegan. With the exception of holidays and vacations, the boys have played with Finnegan every day. Wyatt and Finn are best friends. Neither of them make new friends easily and have relied on each other and been buddies throughout the years.

We were on vacation last week and Finn wasn’t there on Monday. When we arrived yesterday, I heard Finn yelling Wyatt’s name before I could see him, and then he hug tackled Wyatt and the two of them ran off to sit next to each other. I think that Kindergarten Camp helped Wyatt understand that Finn won’t be going to school with him and he was also able to make some new friends, but I know that they will miss each other.

Tomorrow my babies will get on the bus with their big sister and go to Kindergarten for a full day. I won’t drop them off; I won’t sign them in; I won’t make sure that their backpacks and lunch boxes are put away; I won’t know if they are happy or sad when they sit at their desk. They will ride the bus; they will walk up the stairs to their classroom; they will hang up their backpacks and lunch boxes; and they will start the next chapter of their lives. Tomorrow they will spend the day together in a small group of Kindergarteners and Monday they will start their new classes separate from each other.

It’s an exciting time for them and I think that they are ready. Juliana will be there to watch over them on the bus and she walks by the Kindergarten classrooms on her way to third grade. In Kindergarten camp they learned about their new school, tomorrow they will ride the school bus for the first time, and Monday they will be separated in their own classes.

Last night Ruslan climbed into my lap and I tried to rock him like a baby. He told me that he is a big kid now, not my baby. I tried to argue that he was a little kid, but he insisted that he is a big kid. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were my little babies. I used to be able to carry them both and now I can just barely hold them both for a minute. At least my lap is big enough to snuggle them close when they choose; I am lucky to have cuddly little boys who love their mama.

Toddlers – September 2010, Kindergartners – August 2014.



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