While Ruslan Dug Holes in the Sand

Yesterday was a perfect day on the beach. The humidity was low, the temps were moderate and there was a lovely breeze. I took turns playing in the waves with each of my children and I showed them how to use all of the sand molds that we had brought with us; then I sat back and watched them play in the sand together and coax other adults to take them in the “deep” water.

beach1 beach2beach3 beach4

beach5 beach6

Juliana found the friend that she made Saturday evening and the two of them were in and out of the water together so Juliana wasn’t bored.

After building in the sand for a while, Ruslan took one big shovel and wandered closer to the water where the sand was wet and started digging tiny holes. Lots and lots of tiny holes. He plunged the shovel into the sand and then each shovel full of wet sand was flung into the air.


beach8beach9 beach10

Wyatt spent this time running, sitting at the edge of the water, running from us to the water’s edge, “surfing”, running in circles on the beach, and convincing Scott and my brother to take him in the water.

beach11 beach12beach13 beach14beach15 beach16



beach17 beach18beach19 beach20beach21 beach22beach23 beach24


beach25 beach26


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