Festivals are More Fun with Friends

For the past 3 years we have made a fall date to go to a local farm with friends. These 3 have posed for silly pictures.

farm-2012-1 farm-2013-1Went on hay rides.

farm-2012-2 farm-2013-4Ran through the corn maze.

farm-2012-3 farm-2013-2And climbed on the old truck.

farm-2013-3This year I brought the boys along for the fun and we managed to get all 5 together for one brief moment.

farm-2014-2And once again they ran through the corn maze (we even made it out the exit) and went on a hayride.

farm-2014-13 farm-2014-1farm-2014-3 farm-2014-4

But once we reached the old truck, the boys didn’t want to do anything else. They had no interest in the animals or games. They were content to climb on the truck until it was time to leave.

farm-2014-6 farm-2014-10farm-2014-8 farm-2014-9

farm-2014-11 farm-2014-12farm-2014-7 farm-2014-5





I love watching these friends grow-up together.

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