Ruslan 5.5

Ruslan at 5-1/2 continues to be full of energy. He goes from sound asleep to wide awake – loud and in constant motion. He runs, he yells, he climbs – he thinks that he is invincible. Railings are for sliding down, the back of the couch and his headboard make perfect balance beams, he can jump from high places, he worries his mama with the constant acrobatics.

ruslan55-5 ruslan55-6ruslan55-7 ruslan55-8He also gives the strongest hugs and kisses and tells me that he loves me a lot, and when he wants to sit still he will cuddle close and tell stories – he loves to talk almost as much as his sister.


Tuesday evening Ruslan was walking around the house pretending to be a T-Rex (normal Ruslan behavior). The best part is when he is a T-Rex he holds his arms close to his body and waves them around saying “Look at my tiny arms.”

He was growling and collecting stuffed animals and telling them that he was taking them to his cave. He created a space in the corner of the living room behind a chair and he took “the babies” there – he made a point of saying that he was stealing babies – stuffed animals that belong to Wyatt and Juliana.


Over the past few days Ruslan has come home and gone straight to his cave. In addition to the babies, there are cars and Legos and other random toys. It has become quite the little hideout.

ruslan55-3 ruslan55-2Ruslan was standing near me growling and breathing loudly and I asked if I was in danger or if he only steals babies. He confirmed that I was safe and growled that he only steals babies.


Ruslan: At school we have a big carpet with letters and animals and we all have a square.
M: What letter do you sit on?
R: Letter R! And there is a bunny.
M: It is probably a rabbit for letter R.
R: No, it’s actually a bunny.


Ruslan flips through a stack of books in bed each night before he goes to sleep. If you are downstairs, you can tell that he is reading because you hear a thump as he tosses each book in a pile on the floor. Some nights he “reads” a lot of books.


R: I cry at show and tell every week.
M: Why? Does something sad happen?
R: Isabelle brings the same thing every week.
M: Why does it make you sad that she always brings the same thing?
R: She brings the helicopter that is the same as my helicopter and it makes me miss my helicopter.

Today Ruslan finally took the helicopter to school for show and tell. I hope that no one cries.


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  • Heather

    So you are amazing. I can hear the books being tossed to the side, see the “tiny” arms flailing around, and laugh with you about a bunny not a rabbit. Ruslan is wonderful (but so are you)