Recently the boys have been more double trouble than double the fun. When they are together, they are loud and wild and get each other more and more wound up until someone gets hurt. Yesterday the boys were playing loudly in their room when Ruslan started to cry. I went upstairs and Ruslan told me that Wyatt hurt his mouth. When I asked how he told me that it happened when they were playing the fighting game. But injuries are only a pause in the action and they are right back to climbing and pushing and getting into trouble together minutes later.

Today my Dad took the boys to the park for a while. He was helping them slide back and forth on this contraption at the playground and eventually he got tired of pushing them and stopped. The boys figured out that they could team up and help each other. After the past few weeks, I really needed to see them working together and having fun. These are the pictures that you dream of when you find out that you are having twins.

teamwork1 teamwork2


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